Privacy Policy

Enacted as of December 19, 2016

Leaf Publications Co, Ltd. (hereby referred to below as “we,” or “this firm”), shall set the following policies regarding the protection of personal information and structure the following systems for personal information protection. By thoroughly going forth in implementing these measures with our employees while at the same time ensuring that proper mentality has been taken in regard to said personal information, we shall strictly protect the personal information we will receive in the process of performing our activities as a company and shall appropriately handle said information.


1. Definition of Personal Information

Personal information refers to information, such as name, address, telephone number, mail address, etc., that can be used to identify an individual customer.


2. Means of Acquiring Personal Information

We shall utilize proper and fair means of acquiring personal information from our customers.


3. Purposes of Use for Personal Information

We shall only utilize personal information within the scope necessary for achieving the purposes and objectives listed below. In the event that we collect or utilize personal information for any objective not included within the below items, we shall clearly specify that whenever applicable.

  • For the confirmation and delivery of magazines, publications, or any other products or services, etc.
  • For the billing of our products and services, for payment, and for payment confirmation
  • For confirming registration to our membership service, as well as provision of services and products for said service
  • For requesting assistance regarding plans for our publications, events, etc.
  • For confirming applications and attendance requests to our events, seminars, etc., as well as for the delivery of admission tickets
  • For making contact and for the delivery of items regarding prizes, etc. that customers have applied for
  • For sending email newsletters, information regarding new publications, and other information regarding our goods and services
  • For the development of new services and products, as well as for the improvement of goods, services, and the other forms of media that this firm manages (websites, magazines, publications, free-papers, etc.)
  • For utilizing customer data for our own statistical research after having undergone alterations to ensure that said information cannot be traced to any certain individual
  • For contacting customer to request assistance for coverage, interviews, etc.
  • For receiving confirmation on scripts with information taken via interview, etc.
  • For performing customer confirmation and response to inquiries received
  • For any other purpose which we have received the approval of our customers for


4. The Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

We shall adequately and properly manage the personal information obtained from the customer, and shall not provide or disclose said information to a third party without the customer’s prior approval, excluding the following circumstances: the disclosure of said information is required by law; it is necessary to disclose said information for the sake of protecting a person’s life, physical wellbeing, or property; where receiving the prior consent of the customer is deemed to be difficult; or when it is deemed necessary to disclose such information to the contracted outsourcer(s) with whom our firm has properly signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement for the sake of achieving aforementioned Purposes of Use.


5. Management of Personal Information

We shall maintain the personal information of our customers in its correct and most current state for the sake of achieving the Purposes of Use listed above, and in doing so, shall take necessary measures of maintaining security systems, implementing administrative structures, and thoroughly educating our staff members, etc. in order to prevent the illegal access, loss, defamation, falsification, or leakage, etc. of personal information. We shall implement safety measures and proceed with the very careful management of customer’s personal information.

Additionally, in the event that this firm outsources tasks that require the handling of personal information to another party, we shall select a party that takes appropriate measures of management regarding said information, and we shall perform the proper and necessary supervision over said outsourced firm.

However, we shall take no responsibility for any trouble that occurs in the process of the customer providing their personal information to us. Please submit your information to us at your own discretion.


6. Disclosure of Personal Information by the Customer

This firm shall take pre-determined measures and respond within reason to a customer’s inquiries received via the contact method listed below in regard to the disclosure or correction of personal information we possess.


7. Observance and Re-evaluation of Related Laws, etc.

We shall observe the applicable laws of Japan in regards to the preservation of personal information and other regulations, and both re-evaluate and make efforts to improve on these policies at our own discretion.


8. Modifications to These Policies

We may make amendments to this policy without prior notice to the customer. In the event that our firm has made any amendments, our firm shall publicize the latest version of these policies via our home page.


9. Other Notes of Caution Regarding Personal Information

The sites run by third parties linked to this website are under the administration of privacy policies independent from our own. Please note that our firm will not bear any responsibility or obligation regarding the terms or activities of third party sites.


Contact Us

Please contact us below regarding any inquiries on our firm’s handling of personal information.


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