We want people to know the allure of Kyoto — With that idea in mind, we bring to you Why KYOTO?’s featured article section.

In living out our lives here in Kyoto, we get a taste of this place’s charm every day.
It might be found in Kyoto cuisine, the culture of tea ceremony, the architecture of the homes, the festivals, the traditions, the dialect…
Or maybe it can be found in the ubiquitous allure here that can be enjoyed across the seasons — Or, perhaps, in Kyoto’s spirit of hospitality.
For all the journeys taken by the variety of all the peoples in the world, we wish for your time here to be most splendid.
To that end, we will be bringing you information to show you the allure of Kyoto. We are here to guide you — both to the good old Kyoto, but also to a newer Kyoto that is waiting to be discovered no matter when you decide to visit.

Our web magazine will be publishing the featured articles found in the main magazine — Please feel free to enjoy!

In a city like Kyoto that is home to a number of sightseeing spots, even locals will have trouble recommending...