Kyoto’s Favorite River, the Kamogawa

About the Kamogawa

The Kamogawa is a river that flows from the Zashikigadake that is the mountain in the north-west of Kyoto and runs for 33 kilometers through the city from north to south.  When the capital was relocated to Kyoto in the year 794, the new city was built on the ancient concepts of feng shui.  Four gods corresponding to the cardinal directions were thought to protect the city and different places in Kyoto were thought to represent each of them.   Flowing water represented the Azure Dragon of the East, a large avenue stood for the White Tiger of the West, a large land basin represented the Vermilion Bird of the South and mountains portrayed the Black Tortoise of the North. The waters of the Kamogawa were thought to embody the Azure Dragon of the East and the river has been held as a sacred place throughout Kyoto’s long history.
Nowadays the Kamogawa is a place for the people of Kyoto as well as her visitors, to relax and have fun. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce many ways to enjoy the Kamogawa.

Walking along the Kamogawa

When walking along the Kamogawa, one encounters many people enjoying the Kamogawa in their own ways.

People reading books on benches.
People eating bento boxes.
People chatting with their friends or partners.
People practicing instruments.
People jogging.
People riding bikes.
People resting after shopping in the Shijo-Kawaramachi area

The many faces of the Kamogawa

The Kamogawa has a different appearance depending on the season and the time of day.
A morning walk along the Kamogawa can make you feel invigorated.
At dusk the sky above the Kamogawa can create a feeling of loneliness.
At night the reflection of the lights of the restaurants along the Kamogawa sparkle romantically in the dark water.
Cherry blossoms in the spring, special restaurant terraces in the summer, colorful leaves in the autumn, and snow-covered scenery in the winter, the Kamogawa shows us many different faces through the seasons.


The recommended spot along the Kamogawa

1. The Kamogawa seen from the Shijo-Ohashi Bridge

You can have a fun time seeing the old building and the Kamogawa from the bridge together

2.The Kamogawa Delta

This is one of the place for the people of Kyoto to relax and have fun. You can cross the river stepping from stone to stone. Interestingly there is the stone like a turtle.

There are many shrines and temples to see in Kyoto but when you have grown tired of sightseeing, please take some time to relax along the Kamogawa.

The Kamogawa
■Kyoto Kanko Navi

野中柚希/Yuki Nonaka
野中柚希/Yuki Nonaka

日本/京都大学 総合人間学部/甘いものと卵が大好きです。京都はもちろん、色々なところに行きたいです。ーーー Faculty of Integrated Human Studies, Kyoto University / I love sweets and egg! I definitely want to explore this city more with you! / yukiyuki_n08