Come to Kyoto station with camera. 8 cool spots that take pictures in Kyoto station

Not ordinary station but tourist spot is.

“Kyoto is the gate that go around history”, this phrase is the concept of Kyoto station.
There are many photo spots in Kyoto station because designs are unique as if you come and go between the past and now. Now, I introduce to “cool” photo spots for someone like me who love Kyoto station.

①Designs of Kyoto station is cool

These are space which covered with 4000 pieces of windows. This open space seems to merge into the sky. What a creative design this is! It is not too much to say that designs of Kyoto station in themselves are cool.

②Pictures of frosted glass is cool

You can see pictures of a five- storied pagoda, Kyoto Tower. You will feel Kyoto and this is nice.

③The ground staircase is cool

Pictures are projected on the staircase at night and these pictures change each season. On this day, I felt atmosphere of Christmas.

④The Muromachikouji square is cool

On this day, I could see large Christmas tree in the Muromachikoji square in front of the ground staircase. This tree is a symbol that the twenties anniversary of the sister city relationship between Kyoto and Prague. Many people admired this tree while taking pictures.

⑤The art objects are cool

There are KAWAII art objects in places. The one on the above is in the Muromachikoji square. You can have rest and feel relax in this square.

A fantastic collaboration between 3 colors objects and Kyoto Tower.

These are large light balls on the South square. You will feel this art objects are like the fire fly.

⑥The illuminations in the East square is cool

The gold illuminations produce a beautiful space as if this is a stage on Disney movie. Also, it is the space to get away from it all and you feel relax because few people know this space.

⑦The corridor in the air is cool

You have the space covered with the glass windows all around as if you walk in midair. It is nice to look at Kyoto while walking in midair.

⑧The night view from the Sky square is cool

You can see a panoramic view of Kyoto. You may sigh with relief if you see the night view. I recommend this place if you are tired.


I think that Kyoto station has the most tourist spots in the all stations all over the world. Just the station, but we need this station. Let’s go around the Kyoto station with camera!

Kyoto Station Buliding

渡邊彩華/Sayaka Watanabe
渡邊彩華/Sayaka Watanabe

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