We’ll find “Onsen”(Culture of public bath) that is Japanese deep culture in Kyoto!!!

Japan has a lot of good quality of Onsen since long ago. Recently, not only Japanese but also foreign tourists  appreciate and  love that.
Incidentally, Japan has “Sento” which is public bath in addition to Onsen. These two bathes have difference. Onsen use natural hot water but Sento don’t use natural hot water, so you can take a bath casually with cheep price. Sento is like an unpretentious bath.
So this time, I went to Sento Kyoto’s local people only know and mysterious Sento cafe.

Funaoka-onsen which is registered tangible cultural property is in North district’s Murasakino.

appearance of Funaoka-onsesn, noren which is like shop curtain means just open.

Funaoka-onsen have started since 80years. In morning, there are many elderly in it but in evening, there are many university students in.
Then, Daitokuji-koutouin that is famous for red leaves is in neighborhood. So, Sento’s reception people can speak English because there are many foreign tourists.
Furthermore, this Sento has many kind of bath as open-air bath and majolica style architecture.

■Business hour(Always open)
・3pm-1am (Sunday is from 8am-)
■Charge(at November, 2016)
・adult 430 yen (over 13 years old)
・between adult and child 150 yen (between 7 to 12 years old)
・child 60 yen (between 1 to 6 years old)
82 Murasakino Minamifunaoka-cho,Kita-ku,Kyoto
※Business hour and Charge is at November,2016


Sarasa which is sento-cafe is near Funaoka-onsen in five minutes by walk.

Sarasa-Nishijin made from renovated Fujinomori-onsen which was 80 years old sent and have opened since 2000. Sarasa is stylish and retro because it has handmade table and furniture. This cafe has a lot of food menu like soft drink, alcohol, cake and dish and so on. The cafe bustles with customers at lunch time from 12 to 15 and after 21.
This cafe features majolica style tile that owner loves.

The traditional interior

There are many Kyoto tourism guide book in the shelf, so you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere of Kyoto fully.

Cakes which are recommended by Sarasa.

Recommended cake set by store manager is 880 yen.
(left one  is chocolate chip and nut cake, Right one is chocolate and chestnut tart)

You can feel like that you are in old time because of a high ceiling and interior decoratio.

Small live event are held in the cafe on weekend, then you can buy that CD.

You can feel old time by majolica style sink.

■Business hour
・12pm-11pm(the last wends day is only close day)
・11-1 Murasakino Fujinomori-cho,Kita-ku,Kyoto
■Tel number

※Business hour is at November, 2016

姜恵仁/Kang Hye-in
姜恵仁/Kang Hye-in

韓国出身/立命館大学 文学部/趣味は神社巡り、ガイドブックライターになるために日々奮闘中。ーーーFrom: Korea / Faculty of Letters, Ritsumeikan University. / I enjoy visiting shrines in Kyoto and have a dream to be a travel writer.