Try indigo dye experience and a farmhouse stay

How about trying “Japan Blue” – the indigo dye experience – and staying at a Japanese farmhouse in Kameoka, just outside Kyoto City?

The journey to Kameoka starts from JR Kyoto station (20 min.), or from Saga-Arashiyama station (10 min.), famous for its bamboo groves. In this peaceful rural area, you can experience traditional crafts and a Japanese-style farmhouse. Only a 5-minute drive from JR Kameoka station, you’ll visit nature-rich Hozu-cho, crossing the Hozu River, renowned for its scenic river boat rides.


HOZUAI INSTITUTE: Try your hand at the traditional handicraft indigo dye
The unique aizome or indigo dye technique of Kyoto, popular since Medieval times, was lost after World War II. The Institute searched for its plant species, cultivated them in the fields, fermented them, and finally produced its crafts as “Hozuai Indigo Dye.”


You’ll enjoy making your own indigo dye wares. First, draw simple designs such as circles and squares in a cloth. Squeeze the cloth with rubber bands. Immerse it in water, and soak it in indigo solution. Repeat the process of immersing the cloth in indigo solution and washing it with water several times, and the work is completed! It is sure to become an unforgettable memory of Kyoto.You can also purchase rare indigo tea and indigo dye work.




Tel: 0771-23-2303

Address: 50 Sannotsubo, Hozu-cho, Kameoka-city, Kyoto

Open: 9am-5pm

Closed : Sat., 5th Sun.



・Indigo dye experience course

Time: 10am-5pm

Price: handkerchief ¥ 1000 (1 hour), stole ¥ 2000 (1 hour), T-shirt¥3000(2 hours) etc.

Capacity: need to confirm

Reservation: at least 2 days in advance (by phone or Email)


FARMHOUSE NANA: Enjoy a farmhouse stay

Within a 10-minute walk of the Hozuai Institute, you can stay at a traditional farmhouse. They offer a seasonal farming experience, and options can be added upon request: Trying on traditional Japanese armor (¥500); kimono dressing (¥500); and a tea ceremony (¥1000). They also offer breakfast and dinner if you wish. There are four rental bikes available, and you’ll have fun exploring the Kyoto countryside!



Tel: 090-2102-3715

Address: 20 Kamirajyo, Hozu-cho, Kameoka City, Kyoto

Contact time: 10am-4pm (weekdays)

Price: ¥ 5000 per person, need 4 people or more

Optional breakfast: ¥ 1000, dinner ¥ 2000 (reservation required)

Bicyclerental deposit: ¥ 5000 (refunded later)

Transportation service: near JR station transfers available (twice)



Reservation: by phone or Email


Rent-a-Cycle at JR Kameoka station for one day trip. Taxi stand in front of the station.

・JR Kameoka Station Tourist Information Office (ENGLISH SPOKEN)

Tel: 0771-22-0691

Open: 9am-4pm (Bicycle rental: until 3pm)

Price: E-Bike ¥ 1000, City Bike ¥ 500 (your ID or passport is required)





南部 千雅子/CHIKAKO NAMBU ( Chika )

Japan/Interpreter guide certified by Kyoto City/ 現役の高校英語講師。京都市認定通訳ガイドとして伝統工芸や茶道体験、舞妓ショー、日本酒と和食体験の通訳にも携わる。路地歩きや自転車ツアーも得意。マイブームは夜の居酒屋と雑貨屋めぐり。ツアー相談は下記まで。ーーー Although a high school by grade, I do have a 4-year guiding experience in Kyoto. I can offer you wonderful experiences such as traditional crafts, Maiko dinner show, the tea ceremony, sake tasting and local food. I can show you “ Off-the-beaten Kyoto” by cycling, walking in narrow streets and shopping. Please contact me below.