Flooded with inquiries! A close-up of charm of “Hanao Shoes (thong shoes)” from Kyoto.

Kyoto with history and culture is charming, isn’t it? I’m from another prefecture, but honestly I like Kyoto better than my hometown. Because there are many temples with beautiful gardens and shops where I can eat good sweets of Matcha.

But what we should not forget is the existence of people who support the charm of Kyoto. Hanao Shoes of “WHOLE LOVE KYOTO” were born from appreciation for those who have supported such charm of Kyoto.

By the way, do you know “Hanao”? When wearing kimono in Japan, we match traditional footwear, Geta. A thong is the part that takes between your toes and Geta. There are a lot of one-of-a-kind items made by the craftsman’s hands and has different patterns and sizes one by one.

Hanao Shoes of “WHOLE LOVE KYOTO” were exhibited as a welcome art of “Miyakoodori” held at Kyoto University of Art & Design in April 2017. At this time it was not for sale but for exhibition. After that, it seems that a lot of inquiries rushed in regardless of age, sex, nationality, and it became sales decision.

Shoes are “Moon Star” made in Japan, and thongs are mainly used “Kikunokonomi” which serves as purveyor of the Imperial household. Since it is made by the hands of Japanese craftsmen, I’d like you to actually take these “Hanao Shoes” in hand that particularly stick to the details.

We want to wear it not only when wearing kimonos but also with the clothes we usually wear. Besides shoes, there are also beach sandals and caps that are decorated with thongs.

The attraction of Kyoto gathered “Hanao Shoes”. For Kyoto favorites, it is an irresistible pair.

    TEL: 075-744-6152
    ADDRESS: 京都市左京区田中東高原町40 / 40 Tanaka Higashi-takahara-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
    OPEN: 11am-7:30pm (Sat.: 1pm-7:30pm)
    CLOSED: Sundays and the second Saturdays

    Wi-fi: Yes

* The information is current as of August 2017.

東谷しおり/Shiori Higashitani
東谷しおり/Shiori Higashitani

日本/龍谷大学 社会学部/出身が愛媛県なので、観光客目線で京都のオススメスポットを紹介します♪ーーーJapan / Ryukoku University department of sociology / I'm from Ehime. So, I will introduce the recommended spot in Kyoto from a tourist perspective.