Short hiking to KURAMA and KUBUNE

Kurama and Kibune are two small towns in the mountains north of Kyoto City. Kurama is known for the famous Temple and hot spring, and Kubune is the area famous for its Kawadoko (Riverside Summer Terrace)and Ema (votive horse tablets). Autumnal color leaves are very beautiful in autumn. There are some train cars of which seats facing window side in the Eizan Electric Railway running from Demachiyanagi to Kibune and Kurama so that passengers can easily look at the sceneries outside.

At the end of July, I went a short hiking on the mountain trail between Kurama and Kibune. I arrived at Kurama Station in about 20 minutes taking a Eizan train from Demachiyanagi Station. I climbed the mountain hill from Kurama-dera Temple (Mountain Preservation Fee: 300 yen) and aimed for the spot of tree root path (path covered with tree roots) to which tree roots have come out of the ground. For this “tree root path”, cedar roots could not get in the hard earth because of its geological condition and they became entangles like crawling on the surface ground, and is told that Ushiwakamaru (Minamotono Yoshitsune) who was a general of Heian Period trained there. Although we cannot but walk to the summit of the mountain, even if we walk slowly, we should arrive in about 45 minutes. I recommend you to go down the opposite side of the mountain on your way home to Kibune.
It is because you can return from Kibuneguchi Station by the same Eizan train!

It was very pleasant to have climbed a cool mountain in hot summer. Although there are so many stairs that we may get tired, we can enjoy the various magnificent views, and I feel worthy enough to going. When you climb to the tree root path after eating a lunch box at the power spot of Kurama-dera Temple, I think it is a good option to experience Kawadoko (Riverside Summer terrace) in Kubune.

Since it is a course you can go around for about an hour and a half, you can enjoy it even if you are not accustomed to hiking. It is very close to Kyoto and it is good you can finish in half a day. Come on, let’s go!

The information is current as of September 2017.

マテオス リオネル/Mateos Lionel
マテオス リオネル/Mateos Lionel

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