You don’t have to worry about traffic jam! Let’s go around by bicycle!

The rental bicycle shop often seen around Kyoto Station.
A bicycle is playing an active part as a tourist’s transportation device.

Haven’t you worried about the transfer of trains, buses and the length of travel time at Kyoto Station?
You can move by bicycle while enjoying the scenery of Kyoto without worrying about getting involved in a traffic jam!
Furthermore, bicycling in Kyoto is recommended since there is a lot of flat ground and easy to run.
Please come to visit our “Kyoto cycling tour project Kyoto Station head office” of the long-established store rental bicycle shop.

(Mr. Taga who explained carefully to us this time.)

I hear there are not only a Japanese guide but also a cycling tour with an English guide, and 90 percent or more users are foreigners.
When there is a tour guide, you can enjoy yourself even in the first time in Kyoto!
It is said that especially a popular cycling course is a course which goes to Kiyomizu-dera, Kinkakuji Temple, and Kyoto Imperial Palace while running through back alleys. After cycling eating something around Kyoto station is good, isn’t it?

The atmosphere of the store was also nice and while listening to a story, and I felt like going sightseeing while cycling!

Incidentally, it is a principle that a bicycle keeps left on a driveway in Japan. But, when there is a bicycle path in the sidewalk, please be careful of a pedestrian, and slow down and run. Moreover, since parking a bicycle is prohibited on the street, be sure to stop to a parking lot for bicycles.
!Please enjoy Kyoto comfortably by bicycle!

  • Kyoto cycling tour project Kyoto Station head office
    Address: 552-13 Higashi-aburanokojicho, Aburanokoji Shiokoji sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
    Telephone: 075-354-3636
    Business hours: 9:00 to 19:00
    No regular holidays
    Usage fee: Renting a cycle 1,000 yen a day
    Access: Straight to the left from Kyoto Station central gate

    * The information is current as of July 2017.

東谷しおり/Shiori Higashitani
東谷しおり/Shiori Higashitani

日本/龍谷大学 社会学部/出身が愛媛県なので、観光客目線で京都のオススメスポットを紹介します♪ーーーJapan / Ryukoku University department of sociology / I'm from Ehime. So, I will introduce the recommended spot in Kyoto from a tourist perspective.