Flower viewing in June! Hydrangea temple “Mimuroto-ji Temple”

Speaking of sightseeing in Kyoto, cherry blossoms? Autumnal leaves? But neither is seen in summer season, is it? But, it’s OK! The flower called “ajisai (a hydrangea)” invites in full bloom in June here and there in Kyoto. What kind of flower is hydrangea on earth?
The hydrangea is the flower born in Japan and bloom all at the same time from June to July. It rains a lot in June and July in Japan, called a rainy reason. Speaking of rainy season, hydrangea and the rainy season are the combination we feel beginning of summer for Japanese. And they are one of the pleasures before summer comes. A hydrangea is a flower which is easy to grow at home, and is planted in many gardens.

Even if it rains, when we can enjoy looking at such beautiful hydrangeas, we feel better, don’t we? This time, I will introduce an extremely popular hydrangea spot and the Mimuroto-ji hydrangea garden in Kyoto.

Mimuruto-ji Temple is well known as a famous spot of hydrangea. Hydrangea for a total of 50 kinds and 10,000 stocks are in full bloom and is a beautiful view. As the article in the Asahi Shimbun newspaper on June 23, 2009、saying ”Enjoying the famous place of No.1 hydrangea of Japan”, it was selected as the 3rd in the country as a famous place of hydrangea. Therefore, Mimuroto-ji Temple is also called “ajisai temple.”

It is the main gate in Mimuroto-ji Temple.

Although there are not few places where hydrangea is famous in Kyoto, why is Mimuroto-ji Temple so popular? Although there are not a few places where hydrangea is famous in Kyoto, why is Mimuroto-ji Temple so popular? That will be because lighting of hydrangea can be enjoyed only there in Kansai area or heart type hydrangeas can be found. In Mimuroto-ji Temple, since heart-shaped hydrangea is seen every year, looking for the heart-shaped hydrangea in Mimuroto-ji Temple has become a regular way in which people enjoy. The heart-shaped hydrangea seems to be rarer than a four-leaf clover and is really lucky if found, isn’t it?

Soon, we found the heart type hydrangea!

In the atmosphere of mountains approached to the neighborhood, singing of little cuckoo echoed in the hydrangea garden.

Hydrangeas are in bloom.

Now, after enjoying hydrangea enough, the next pleasure is.

Wow, there is a “Hanano chaya (teahouse)” in this hydrangea garden where you can have sweets and a light meal! From snacks such as shiratama zenzai (sweet azuki-bean soup with Japanese dumplings.), warabi-starch dumplings to the rice including tea-buckwheat noodles and the udon set. Also, you can enjoy seasonal sweets for hydrangea, ajisai (hydrangea) parfait. Let’s taste ajisai parfait, while enjoying hydrangea!

Ajisai parfait (900 yen with tax)

The light-up can be enjoyed at the present time. The hydrangea at night is different from the daytime atmosphere, and its beauty is special.

After enjoyed tasting hydrangea enough, please don’t forget the souvenir to your family and friends.

  • Mimuroto-ji Temple
    ADDRESS: 21 Todou Shigadani Uji City
    TEL: 0774-21-2067
    -April to October 8:30am-16pm (Descending: 16:30)
    -November to March 8:30am-15:30pm (Descending: 16pm)
    ADMISSION FEE: Adults 500 yen, Children 300 yen
    ACCESS: 5 minutes on foot from Mimuroto-ji Station of Keihan Train, 20 minutes on foot from Uji Station of Keihan Train, 30 minutes on foot from JR Uji Station

    [Period of illumination]
    From June 10 to June 25, only Saturdays and Sundays
    Hours, from 19:00 to 21:00 (Last admission is at 20:30)

    * The information is current as of June 2017.

江上花帆/Kaho Egami
江上花帆/Kaho Egami

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