I went to the haunted place in Kyoto!

Do you believe in ghosts? It’s said that there is a place a psychic photograph can be taken in Kyoto. In fact, I heard there are at least 20 places. Would you like to visit? Then, I will introduce them.

● Kubizuka-daimyojin (Nishikyo-ku)
● Kiyotaki tunnel (Ukyo-ku)
● Saga no metabo Hirosawa (Ukyo-ku)
● Adashino nenbutsuji Sentokuyo (Ukyo-ku)
● Saga Tenno-ryo Urano chi-no-ike (Ukyo-ku)
● Akabashi (Ukyo-ku)
● Hakaike (Kita-ku)
● Midorogaike (Kita-ku)
● Funaokayama Park (Kita-ku)
● Gosho-no Akazuno-toilet (Kamigyo-ku)
● Iwakura jido park (Sakyo-ku)
● Takaragaike (Sakyo-ku)
● Yurei-kaido (Sakyo-ku Kibune)
● Kifune-jinjya Shrine Okunomiya (Sakyo-ku Kibune)
● Motel Sunriver (Kameoka-shi)
● Higashiyamazuidou / Kazan tunnel (Higashiyama-ku – Yamashina-ku)
● Zushioku tunnel (Higashiyama-ku – Yamashina-ku)

It’s difficult to introduce all of them, but if you’re interested in, try to find them.
The place I went is Kubizuka-daimyojin in Nishikyo-ku!

About Kubizuka-daimyojin
Since the demon called Shuten Doji in the Heian Period (794-1185) came out to the capital, he took gold and silver treasures, and the wrongdoing of kidnaping women was repeated.To help the people of the capital tormented by the demon, the Emperor ordered General Yorimitsu Minamotono to conquer the demon.
And Minamotono Yorimitsu got rid of Shuten Doji with his vassals excellently and buried the neck in this place.
When dying Shuten Doji, he repented his former crimes, and it is said that he desired to rescue people who had disease upwards from the neck after his death.
Therefore, it is said that disease above the neck has divine favor, and also now, worshippers visit from the whole country.

At this place, seemingly they could take the spirit photograph well and I also wanted to take it.
Besides, I went there at night. . . Since it was at night, a photograph may not look good, sorry!

This is not a ghost but it’s me!

Looks like something comes out from the water. I was scared.

Although I don’t understand well what is writing, it is written in white and red and likely to be cursed.

By the way, a picture of psychic photograph you are all concerned could not be taken at all.

A scary thing happened afterwards. There was about 50-m way to a shrine from the parking lot, and when I was walking along the pitch-black way, there was sound into which a branch broke about 5m ahead.
When I thought that it was a ghost and I took out a camera slowly, it was watching at the direction of the sound.
Although I was surprised, when I went there, there were about four deer. When I tried to take a photograph, they fled.
After all, I walked to the end of the way and arrived at the Kubizuka-daimyojin. Then, I took several pictures while thinking whether a ghost might be taken.
Unfortunately there were no pictures on which a ghost is reflected, but I remembered a certain rumor and tried it.
Because it is said, “I am cursed when I pass through the torii” by the rumor, I tried once. But nothing has happened so far. From now on?
How about going to a haunted place of Kyoto now?
Because Kubidaimyoujin is far from the station, there are not many people.

  • Kubizuka-daimyojin
    ADDRESS: Ooe Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto City
    ACCESS: JR Sagano line, from “Kameoka station”, take a Keihan Kyoto kotsu bus and get off at“Touge Nishiguchi” Or 15 minutes on foot from “Oinosaka Touge” of Keihan Kyoto kotsu bus

* The information is current as of June 2017.

マテオス リオネル/Mateos Lionel
マテオス リオネル/Mateos Lionel

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