Not falling even upside-down! Body friendly rich soft serve ice cream!

Why not falling down even upside-down?

The secret is in the insistence on ingredients.

The particular ingredients of the soft serve ice cream “Kyozuan” in Arashiyama makes are “soybeans.”
It is the domestic soybean of no pesticide, even a baby can eat.
Since the whole tofu made from the selected soybean is used, a low calorie is also one of the charm.

Furthermore, stomach friendly oligosaccharide for sugar is used.

(This time, she is a branch manager, Ms. Yamaguchi, who cooperated in this coverage. She told me the charm about soybean milk sweets very carefully.)

Not too sweet and is the soft serve ice cream with a sticky, chewy texture. Not only the appearance but also the taste is outstanding!!!

The “Kyozuan” is close to the entrance of popular tourist attraction spot Bamboo Forest. When visiting Arashiyama, please drop by.

  • Handmade studio, Kyozuan, Saga-arashiyama store
    Address: 2-1 Risshaku-cho, Saga Tenryu-ji, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
    TEL: 075-881-3560
    OPEN: 10:00am-6:00pm
    CLOSED: No scheduled holidays
    ACCESS: It is just close after getting off a bus stop at “Nonomiya.”
  • Transportation to Arashiyama, Sagano
    ・JR Sagano-line (about 16 minutes on foot from Saga-Arashiyama station, from Kyoto Station.)
    ・Kyoto Bus (about 45 minutes from Kyoto Station to Arashiyama)
    ・Kyoto City Bus (about 43 minutes from Kyoto Station to Arashiyama Koen)
    For reference:

The means of transportation which an editorial staff, Higashitani used
There is a bus stop of Kyoto-city bus “to Matsuo-taisha shrine Arashiyama, Daikaku-ji Temple” when going from the Kyoto Station center to the Kyoto Tower side. I got on the bus of the 28th system from there.

*One way 230 yen, you can also use one day bus pass.

It took about 55 minutes from Kyoto Station.
I got off at “Nonomiya.” You can see Kyozuan on the left side of the bus stop.

東谷しおり/Shiori Higashitani
東谷しおり/Shiori Higashitani

日本/龍谷大学 社会学部/出身が愛媛県なので、観光客目線で京都のオススメスポットを紹介します♪ーーーJapan / Ryukoku University department of sociology / I'm from Ehime. So, I will introduce the recommended spot in Kyoto from a tourist perspective.