Ryukoku University and Its Background

Ryukoku University

Ryukoku University was established in 1922. It is closely related to Jodo Shinshu and Nishi Hongwanji, and the students must study Buddhist thought for one year and understand the university and its background. The university currently has three campuses, and the one with the longest history of all is the Omiya Campus. Omiya Campus is a very small campus which has only Faculty of Letters. It has been used as a college house since 1639, and its library has very valuable materials. Other faculties are located in Kyoto City, Fukakusa, and Seta in Shiga Prefecture. My faculty (Faculty of International Communication) has been moved from Seta to Fukakusa in 2014, and we use the newly built “Wagenkan”. Fukakusa campus is smaller than Seta Campus, yet there are a lot of people. It’s an excellent environment for the exchange students to improve our Japanese because we can meet Japanese students and make friends with them easily! Also, Ryukoku University has a lot of good points for the exchange students. Frist, may of the exchange can get a scholarship when we are freshmen. The school has dormitories, so we can live close to the school with cheap rent. Also, the school has a lot of programs, and it offers a plenty of opportunities to those who want to know more about Japanese culture and Buddhism. For example, I participated in “Peace Program” this year. I went to Hiroshima for free, studied many things at a Hongwanji branch temple, visited Miyajima, eat delicious food, and met local Hiroshima people. It was such a precious experience! Other than that, Ryukoku University supports students so they can have more convenient life. For example, there are free school bus to connect the three campuses, and we can move to other campuses easily. We can enter Ryukoku Museum with free admission. When searching jobs, also, they hold various orientations and career support programs, and they always help us when we have questions or need some advices. Moreover, there are teachers from many different countries, so it is a very good environment to study for those who have difficulties with Japanese language. I am very happy to be a student of Ryukoku University!

Ryukoku Museum

Ryukoku Mueum is a museum mainly about Buddhism which is closely related to Ryukoku University. As a museum where we can learn the dawn and the spread of Buddhism, it collects cultural properties regarding the history of Buddhism and related topics. It also possesses a lot of valuable ancient writings, so researchers also give considerable attention to it. They change their exhibits frequently, so you never get tired however of you go there. Every Ryukoku Universitu student visit this museum at least once before graduation to write a paper for their class or for their own researches. I also have been there twice until now! The museum has a café and souvenir shop, and it popular also among tourists. Also, Nishi Hongwanji is located right across the street, so please visit both places if you have a chance!

  • Ryukoku Museum
    Tel: 075-351-2500
    Address: 117 Maruyacho, Nishinakasujidori Shomen Sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
    Open: 10:00-17:00
    Closed: Mondays, the day after national holiday
    Admission Fee: General – 500yen, Junior high school students and under – free
    URL: http://museum.ryukoku.ac.jp/index.php
    Access: http://museum.ryukoku.ac.jp/guide/map.html
    12-minute walk from “Kyoto” Station of JR/Kintetsu/Kyoto Subway, Karasuma line
    10-minute walk from “Gojo” Station of Kyoto Subway, Karasuma line

*The above information is as of December 2016. Please visit each website to check the updated information as necessary.

マテオス リオネル/Mateos Lionel
マテオス リオネル/Mateos Lionel

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