Sample the four seasons with Japanese vegetables

Japan is rare in the world in that you can find distinctive changes in the 4 beautiful seasons—spring, summer, fall, and winter.
Sunlight, rain, wind, and fertile soil all combine in the abundant nature of Japan to produce delicious fresh vegetables that change with the seasons. And Kyoto has many restaurants in which you can enjoy your fill of delicious seasonal vegetables.
Learn which seasons are best for what vegetables and enjoy them at their peak!

What are the ideal conditions for creating delicious vegetable cuisine?
First, you must consider the season of the ingredients. Vegetables in their peak—in both taste and nutrition—are naturally sought by the body. Next, you must use vegetables that make the best use of the region in which they are cultivated. Finally, you must choose the appropriate method of preparation. Finding the best way to draw out the greatest flavor from seasonal vegetables is very important.

A casual grilled-vegetable restaurant where you can enjoy the open ambience along with the display of Kyo-yasai(Kyoto traditional vegetables). Fried Chicken Mushrooms, steam baked in butter, and seasoned with Japanese pepper and soy sauce. Each vegetable is grilled in the ideal method for them, with special attention paid to the seasoning and condiments to draw out the best of their inherent flavors.

ADDRESS:京都市中京区木屋町通御池下ル下丸屋町421-5 ラディーチェ・マツヤビル1F / Radice Matsuya Bldg. 1F, 421-5 Shimomaruya-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
CLOSED:Irregular holidays
English menu available

The information is current as of February 2019.