Give in to your trendy side at art and gastronomy center “FORUM KYOTO,” created by a French artist

FORUM KYOTO is a center for arts and gastronomy, standing out conspicuously even among the motley of eateries and bars that line Kiyamachi Street. Exhibitions and events are held here mainly by young artists focusing on modern art, fashion, music and other fields. Visitors can also taste specialty coffee , craft beer, organic wine, and other beverages. FORUM KYOTO’s specialty coffee is especially noteworthy. Using coffee beans that are diligently handled to ensure the best quality, this delectable coffee is carefully prepared to extract every bit of flavor, adjusting the amount of beans and the temperature of the hot water depending on weather conditions such as atmospheric temperature and humidity.

(Right: Center Director, Alexandre Maubert)
FORUM KYOTO was formed about 1 year ago based on director and artist Alexandre’s vision of “creating a space in which artists and musicians of multifarious backgrounds can collaborate and produce unrivalled works of art.”

Sales from coffee and beer are used to help young artists hold exhibitions, events, and the like. For this purpose, FORUM KYOTO is a space for young people who will create the art of tomorrow to gain myriad experiences and communicate with visitors to the center, and in this way FORUM KYOTO contributes to the sustainability of Kyoto itself.

Please come find your own way of enjoying FORUM KYOTO, which was founded on these ideals.

▼Editor’s Notes
After learning all about FORUM KYOTO and its charms, the drip coffee I had here left an indelible impression on me more than any other brew.

It goes perfectly with a dessert made by staff member Aya-san. (Pictured: Caramel chocolat ponmu / ¥400)

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The information is current as of February 2018.

東谷しおり/Shiori Higashitani
東谷しおり/Shiori Higashitani

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