Fun to Watch and Eat – KAITENZUSHI

Awide variety of sushi keeps coming out on the conveyor belt before your very eyes! Although it is possible to get sushi at high-class restaurants, kaiten-zushi (also known as “conveyor belt sushi”) is perfect for when you want to eat something simple and be entertained. It is popular with people of all ages, so come and try Japan’s famous and unique kaiten-zushi – you are sure to be satisfied!

DAIKI SUISAN is a kaiten-zushi restaurant that is conveniently located in the basement of a building right in front of
Kyoto Station. You can take your time and eat fresh sushi at this restaurant that has a good reputation with both locals and tourists. A large variety of sushi will come out on the conveyor belt before your very eyes, surely whetting your appetite.
This restaurant uses fresh fish that is delivered every morning directly from the harbor. There is usually a variety of 50 types of sushi available, as well as pork fillet rolls (¥270), fried Daisen chicken (¥378) and desserts on their large side menu, another reason why they are so popular. Each kaiten-zushi restaurant has their own rules, so be sure to follow them to enjoy your kaiten-zushi experience to the fullest. You cannot go wrong trying kaiten-zushi, a popular and beloved style of eating sushi in Japan.


1. Rather than sitting wherever you like, please wait for the staff to guide you to your seat.

2. Once you are seated, the staff will take your order for drinks, soups and anything other than sushi.

3. Please make your own tea (free of charge). There are cups above where you are seated. Please put the powdered tea in the cup and add hot water.

4. Take whatever sushi you want from the conveyor belt. Please take it when it is within your reach.

5. If the sushi you want to eat does not appear on the conveyor belt, please place your order on the touch panel.

6. The sushi that you order from the touch panel will be brought to you by the staff.

7. When you are finished eating, please pile your plates. The staff will count your plates and tell you how many there are before you pay.

8. The cost of one plate depends on the plate’s design. Please check the price before you take a plate from the conveyor belt. (1 plate ranges from ¥108 to ¥540)


1. Once you have taken a plate, you cannot put it back on the conveyor belt.
2. Be sure to take the plate, not just the sushi.
3. The sushi that you order from the touch panel will be brought to you by a waiter or waitress, so you do not have to take the same sushi from the conveyor belt.

  • DAIKI SUISAN Kaiten-zushi Restaurant, Kyoto Tower Sando Location
    TEL: 075-746-2458
    ADDRESS: Kyoto Tower Sando B1F, 721-1 Shiokoji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
    OPEN: 11am-11pm(Last order: 10:30pm)
    CLOSED: Irregular holidays (closed according to Kyoto Tower Sando’s schedule)
    PRICE: ¥1,200-2,000


The information is current as of February 2018.