The temple that allows you to scribble

Traditionally, graffiti is strictly prohibited in temples. But at Kyoto’s Yawata, there is one temple that allows you to scribble. Known as The Tanten Temple.

The history of Tanten Temple(Graffiti Temple)

The Tentan Temple goes back 200 years ago, when the locals invited Guanyin, also known as the Goddess of Mercy in Western Culture to built a temple that could cure the sick and protect the land from calamities.

Once you enter the Tanten Temple, you will see the place where Daikokuten rests. When people would pray to the Daikokuten back in the day, Daikokuten was the god that started the tradition of graffiti of the temple.

You can find many types of graffiti in the temple.
There are some that prays for love, some for good results, some for to avoid calamities, some for longevity, and more. Besides the good ethical wishes, personal wishes can also be found in the Tanten Temple, such as to become famous and to earn more money. Perhaps someone wanted to show their skills in animation, drawing of the world famous Doraemon is also present.

*For protection of privacy, few wishes have been pixelated.

Graffiti Praying Manner:
· Though the Tanten Temple is famous for its graffiti, the only area free for public graffiti is the white wall in the Mido (main temple area)
· Consider other visitor’s opportunity to graffiti, be mindful of the font/drawing size
· Only provided pen can be used to draw on the wall
· During reception’s absence, please place praying fee in the box

  • 単伝庵(通称 らくがき寺)
    参拝時間:土日 9:00-15:00
    参拝料金:参拝100円 落書き祈願300円


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