Make the trip more wonderful! ——Miyako Taxi’s hospitality

When we go somewhere for travelling, the most convenient means is by the taxi.
Today we will introduce a Kyoto taxi company which has been loved for a very long time for you. It’s——Miyako Taxi!

What is Miyako Taxi?

The taxi company with 76 years history was founded since 1940.
Nursing care, Child-rearing and environmental consideration, Miyako Taxi has made a lot of social contribution.
We interviewed the English traveling driver Yukio Murakami (松村行雄さん) (Left) and the driver trainer Akihiro Sakamoto(坂本彰弘さん)(Right).

The recommended point at Kyoto Travelling

The reserved service at Miyako Taxi is recommended when you come to Kyoto for travelling at the first time. The driver will guide you to the major travelling sports in Kyoto. Also you can ask for the plan as a repeat customer.

They take「Safety・Relief Trust」as a motto, the taxi is not only a means which used by travelling, but also a show of their hospitality. They are always keeping the service that the taxi users are required in mind. The drivers take English lessons and take part in learning groups about Kyoto guidance everyday for a better service. Such as these English conversation drivers who have hot motivation are in Miyako Taxi !

It’s important for the drivers to provide hospitality according to the passengers’ preference and situation as well as the language. It is recommended to request for going to more travelling spots as soon as possible, or take our time in a few spots.

“Foreign Friendly”

“Foreign Friendly” is used not only in Miyako Taxi, but also in other taxi companies in Kyoto. It is initiative by Japan Land Infrastructure and Transportation Ministry. Because of the increase of the foreigner travellers and the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, this program has been run as trial utilization since March 2016.

“The amount of Foreign Friendly Taxi is increasing. If it can be spread in all Japan…”We also heard the request like this.

【About the Foreign Friendly Taxi】

How to use the taxi smoothly

It doesn’t mean that every taxi driver can speak English. So it is important to tell the driver where we want to go correctly.
When we want to go to the hotel or the guest house, the name, address, telephone number if it is possible, print out the nearly street view.(The situation which guest house that taxi drivers also does not know is increasing recently)
When it is difficult to print it out, we can also show drivers our smartphone and tablet.

A diversity of taxi service

There is a diversity of service at Miyako Taxi !

1. PHV Taxi
▽1-1. Using environment friendly eco-car.

▽1-2. Inner

2. Small Taxi

3.  Middle Taxi
Taxi with comfortable seats for 4-5 people.

4.  London style taxi

5.  Japanese style Taxi
▽5-1. It can be used up to 9 people. Valuable when there are a lot of people get in one taxi.

▽5-2. Inner

6-1.  New Alphard.

6-2.  Comfortable seats.
The auto-seat can be used at outside which is friendly to the disabled people.

6-3. We get into the taxi!

7-1. The bigger taxi used in recent times

7-2. There is a large space in the back. Your big suitcase can be put here!

8.  Nursing care taxi
The wheelchair can be used as is.

How did you like it?
Let’s enjoy the travelling in Kyoto by Miyako Taxi !

野中柚希/Yuki Nonaka
野中柚希/Yuki Nonaka

日本/京都大学 総合人間学部/甘いものと卵が大好きです。京都はもちろん、色々なところに行きたいです。ーーー Faculty of Integrated Human Studies, Kyoto University / I love sweets and egg! I definitely want to explore this city more with you! / yukiyuki_n08