Let’s Go to Kyoto Tower and Meet Tawawa-Chan!

You know about Kyoto Tower, right? It’s well-known as a symbol of Kyoto! Kyoto Tower makes Kyoto feel more welcoming for both locals and visitors alike.

What the…? Who knew such an adorable character lived all the way up in Kyoto Tower?!

That character is Tawawa-chan. What do you think of that cute expression?
Tawawa-chan was created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Kyoto Tower’s opening. There weren’t originally any plans to create an official character for Kyoto Tower. After so many people said how adorable the Tawawa-chan badges (designed by illustrator Moheron) worn by the Tower employees wore, though, she ended up being the Tower’s official mascot.

There’s also a place that’s very popular with foreign visitors: the Tawawa-chan Shrine!

The Tawawa-chan Shrine (also designed by Moheron) was created in 2014 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Tower’s opening. Why is it so popular with foreign visitors? Well, it’s because you can write down your wishes on a Tawawa-chan Ema (votive picture) and hang them there! (Ema price: ¥300)

When I went to Kyoto Tower, there were lots of Ema wishes written in Chinese and English.
Why not give it a try? Write down your wishes for the future and make your visit to Kyoto Tower one to remember!
That’s not all, though. If you want to buy Tawawa-chan souvenirs for your friends and
family, there’s plenty for you in the gift shop!

You can find everything from dolls to keychains, and even neckties! Everything is for sale in the gift shop “Tawawagon” on the Kyoto Tower Observation Deck’s 1st floor (on the 11th floor of the Tower). The gifts there are sure to please your friends and family!
You can even meet Tawawa-chan on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 2pm to 3:15pm on the Observation Deck’s 5th floor. When I met her, she was just as cute as in the drawings of her, so I couldn’t help but want to give her a great big hug!
When you’re visiting Kyoto, and as you stare at the city from the Observation Deck and wonder where to go next, be sure to get the next leg of your journey started off on the right foot—with Tawawa-chan!

  • Kyoto Tower Observation Room
    Telephone: 075-361-3215 (Business Hours: 9am-8pm)
    Address: 721-1 Higashi-Shiokoji, Karasuma-Shichijo-sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan
    Business Hours:9am-9pm (Last Entry at 8:40pm)
    Entry Fees: Adults – ¥770, High Schoolers – ¥620, Middle/Elementary Schoolers – ¥520, Children 3 & Up – ¥150, Persons with Disabilities (ID Required) – ¥350
    Access: City Bus Stop “Kyoto Eki-mae”; 2 minute walk from Subway/JR Kyoto Station

The information is current as of January 2018.

奥谷勇哉/Yuya Okutani
奥谷勇哉/Yuya Okutani

日本/花園大学 社会福祉学部/生まれも育ちも京都なので、大好きな京都の魅力をお伝えします!!ーーーJapan / Hanazono University department of Social welfare / I am very excited to introduce you all the charms of my beloved city as a born and bread in Kyoto.