Why KYOTO? is the perfect guide
— a guide that provides answers to the question: “What makes Kyoto so special?”

Kyoto, with a history spanning over 1,200 years, possesses a culture that is remarkably unlike that of any other city in the world.

Whereas travelers from abroad find themselves wondering “Why?”, Why KYOTO? provides them with the answer — “Because!”

Utilizing our experience in reporting and the information we have garnered in the past 20 years as publisher of the Kyoto local guide and monthly magazine Leaf, we will be bringing you the best Kyoto has to offer from a variety of angles. Our coverage will go both in depth and across different spectrums: spanning from traditional culture to cuisine, shopping, events, and more.

Moreover, university students within Kyoto along with study abroad students have joined the Why KYOTO? web magazine team; They will be providing a wide array of information, including coverage of the known-and-loved locations of Kyoto as well as exclusive information on Kyoto’s hidden gems.

Our web magazine will provide you with the information you are looking for — a source to guide you to a Kyoto that you have never seen.

Embark on your journey of Kyoto — a journey just for you.

Magazines Distribution Locations

Kyoto Tourist Information Center (Kyo Navi), Kyoto International Craft Center, Temples and Shrines in Kyoto, Hotels, Ryokans, Guest Houses, Restaurants, Bookstore, Shopping Mall, 7-Eleven stores, Tourist Information Center, travel agent store, Kansai International Airport etc.



Featured articles from our magazine will be displayed here, each article written through our editorial department’s thorough coverage and research.




Providing the “now of Kyoto” that can be found nowhere else — information spanning from Kyoto’s most popular spots to hidden gems as divided by category.




One can view all of the magazine back issues here.